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Notes taken during Cobra's "Ascension Conference" in Paris on December 3 and 4, 2022 approved by Cobra


December 3 - 4, 2022

Notes taken during the conference
by Prepare For Change France Official since 2013


 DISCLAIMER: These notes are my subjective interpretation of Cobra’s words.


Saturday, December 3, 2022 • 9:30am – 12:30am



Meditation of inhalation/exhalation of brilliant white light + intoning the sacred word "Om" 🕉 3 times


Here [in the room we were in], it is a place of Light.

Bring the Light to Paris.

Paris is a very important vortex. This vortex was activated 250 years ago. It changed the course of history. It will play a role.

It was almost impossible to organize the seminar. And yet we did it.

We have to unlearn what we have learned. Programming starts before we are born. You have to use your common sense.

The human brain perceives only a very small part of reality.

Cobra was able to go beyond the Veil, in a Russian plane.

The Matrix is composed of several layers on a non-physical plane.

These veils will be lifted and we will be accepted into the Galactic Society.




Many cosmic cycles are intersecting.

There is scientific evidence that we are in a very important moment in history.

The universe is a torus. Space-time is spinning on itself, constantly in motion.

This universe has not yet managed to find its final equilibrium. It is not in a state of equilibrium.

This change will change all the physical laws: law of gravity, etc...

We are heading towards a hole that will change everything.

The universe ends its expansion and stops.

All the physical laws change.

There is going to be a quantum jump. The universe will jump to another level and will reorganize everything.

After 13 billion years, we are going to a new reality.

All galaxies have a center that sends energy. This will move the planet to a new dimension.

We will encounter particles traveling faster than light.

Cobra has a stone that is connected to the Galactic Central Sun. It has the highest vibration.

Cobra has had this stone six months ago. Before that, humanity was not ready.

Some of the jewelry available at the stand, some of which are infused with the energy of the Goddess, will only be available at this conference.

The situation around the planet is 80% cleared.

The cosmic change has not yet been felt.



Spiral galaxies are the most complex.

They have a galactic heartbeat at regular time intervals.

Scientists have discovered this galactic pulse.

This change takes place very quickly.

In the course of 9 months, the poles of the galaxy have reversed.

Every 12,000 / 13,000 years, there is an event that wipes out part of the biosphere.

In 1859, there was the Carrington event. It is from there that the magnetic field has decreased.

We lose 1 to 2% of magnetic field per year.

In 776 CE: Charlemagne event which caused a very strong solar storm.

In 1859: Carrington event

NASA has searched the Moon for fragments of this solar discharge.

Global warming is a pretext to hide the activity of the Sun from the population.

Motherships form the Dyson sphere.

The Forces of Light lower the activity of the Sun because we need a little more time.

Solar flares can damage the magnetic field.

In Paris, the climate was tropical at the time of the old equator.

At the time of Atlantis, it was the equator line of the Goddess.

Proof of constructions that are not of human origin: the Roman temple of Jupiter in Baalbeck (Lebanon) has stones weighing 1000 tons.




2025 is the time of the next solar maximum.

There is no scientific proof.

There is a 25% chance that it will happen in 2025.

There is a 50% chance it will happen in 2037.

The Light Forces see that 2025 is the key moment.

Astrology: it is about scalar fields.

The planets emit a scalar field.

Those who are willing will be teleported to the mother ships.

Noah's Ark is an example.

Those who do not want to go to the ships will experience death.

In 2025, there will be interesting astrological aspects.

Pluto in Capricorn = exposure of all the corruption until March 2023. After that, there will be something interesting.

We are at the end of the Pluto cycle.

In March 2023, it will be "the Good Guys" on one side and "the Bad Guys" on the other.

Uranus will enter Gemini in 2025. This will contact the Pleiades and cause very strong Pleiadian activity.

Sedna [a trans-Neptunian object in the Solar System] will be in conjunction with the Pleiades.

The dark forces are delaying the process but cannot stop it.

They cannot control humanity indefinitely.

This weekend (December 3 and 4, 2022) is the only time of the year when this seminar could take place.

Not one or two weeks later... It is December 3 and 4, 2022.






Saturday, December 3, 2022 • 2:30pm – 6:00pm



Meditation of inhalation/exhalation of brilliant white light + intoning the sacred word "Om" 🕉 3 times.



Quarantine: our planet has been subjected to very advanced control technologies to prevent beings from intervening on the surface.

These technologies have drastic effects.

The last 5,000 years have been filled with war and destruction.

This is not the way it was meant to be.

Black holes are the basis of dark reality.

Negative emotions could not exist without black holes.

It comes from the distortions related to these black holes.

The fear experienced for more than a second is not natural. It is the same for the physical, etheric planes, etc...

A black hole is not really a hole.

It is an area with a very massive object. So big that not even light can escape from it. The area is outside our space-time.

With our measurement tools, it is not possible to see into a black hole.

Some scientific theories are quite close to the truth. This is the string theory.

In black holes, strings are intertwined.

They exist in other dimensions.

There are a lot of black holes. Space-time is extremely distorted by the number of black holes.

The quantum field is full of anomalies.

The space-time is not flat, it is distorted by the black holes.

There are rare massive quarks: strange quarks and charm quarks.

The strange quarks form the strangelet bombs.

Like top quarks, strange quarks are heavier and more dangerous.

Chimera has the technology.

There are particle acceleration devices as large as a solar system.

The dark forces built them on Orion and brought them to Earth.

This prevents the Light Forces from coming to Earth.

That is why we have been isolated.

The Light Forces change the properties of the quantum field with Mjolnir.

It is like a quantum canon that changes the nature of the quantum field.

Black holes are an 11th dimension of strings.

The dark forces put these black holes in our energy field.

These implants are black holes rotating in an antigravitational direction.

Implants are not the only location of black holes. They put them in the mental, astral and emotional bodies.

They float in the aura of human beings. This prevents certain connections in the mind.

Every human has a damaged part of his brain.

This is why some people cannot "wake up".

Since 1996, this black hole area has increased a lot. This is what the Forces of Light are clarifying.

Black holes are full of matter.

The area of the Earth is full of black holes and reptilians. This has been going on for 25 years. But we are almost there.

The black holes are evaporating. By increasing the speed of light, this evaporation happens faster.

With an acceleration of light:

• 10 times faster ➠ black hole evaporation happens 10,000 times faster.

• 100 times faster ➠ black hole evaporation happens 100,000,000 times faster.

This is what the Mjolnir technology provides.

The Light Forces will evaporate all black holes and toplet bombs, releasing the flash of the Event.

We must set an example with common sense and integrity.


Anomaly: it is a distortion, something that is not aligned.

Quantum foam (quantum fluctuations) in very small spaces. You cannot see them with a microscope.

If a photon is created, we can see a small point of light, emerging from the quantum field.

There is a way to align the quantum field with a device: the quantum resonator.

It is not random. The Forces of Light are working to harmonize the quantum field.

Black holes distort the quantum field so much that the ships cannot manifest.

Planet Earth is known to be the most dangerous. Sane people avoid it!




Evaporation of all black holes in our universe.

The Light Forces are accelerating the evaporation of black holes.

This planet is the most difficult to clean.

Before 1996, the dark forces were in the constellation of Orion. They sacrificed Orion and brought all the technology/reptilians/ships into the Solar System.

It took the Light Forces 5 years to recover.

Slowly they cleaned up.

It took twenty years to clean up the Solar System.

The Light Forces will interfere with the surface.

The first visible sign will be a rather unexpected geopolitical sign. We are getting there soon.

That is why this conference is possible here.

We need a few months to change. Whereas in the past, it took much longer.

The Matrix: a collection of highly advanced technologies created by the dark forces to keep humans enslaved.

These are scalar technologies. On the physical plane: based on ultrasound and infrasound.

They use cell phone towers.

Non-physical technologies are even more powerful.

80% of emotions are created by these technologies.

The Resistance Movement: they are active again.

The Yellow Vests movement was created as a result of a Kundalini activation in November 2018.

The Resistance Movement is active again in Paris as of today (December 3, 2022).

Paris is one of the entry points to the New World.

Cobra's answer to a question: "Looking Glass" is CIA disinformation.

Cobra's answer to a question: Goddess energy is almost at zero.




This is a spiritual technology. It was developed by the Galactic Confederation as part of the Ascension Project.

It has been used since the early 1990s. Since then, it has been improved.

It is a pure Light pillar technology.

Huge ships are cloaked around the Earth. They do not use all the Mjolnir technology. They also use ATVOR.

This increases the energy of the body.

This light harmonizes.

Cobra has us pronounce the ATVOR Activation below three times:


I call upon the Pillar of Pure White Light to descend upon me and to form around me.

I call upon the Presence of the I Am That I Am.

I ask the Presence of the I Am That I Am to join and merge with me.


You are I Am That I Am (each one of us is this "I Am That I Am" Presence). Without this Presence, we would not be alive. We have access to this Presence with this meditation.


Figure illustrating the Ascension process

Since 1996, the dark forces have blocked the superconduction process (of physical bodies).

The Ashtar Command is key in the Ascension process.

Ashtar is a real being. Cobra has had personal experience that Ashtar is real.

Cobra has us repeat the following protection meditation three times:


May a bubble of Light surround you.

May its Light shield and protect you from all negative energy.

And so it is.




Sunday, December 4, 2022 - 9:30am - 12:30am


Meditation of inhalation/exhalation of brilliant white light + intoning the sacred word "Om" 🕉 3 times



The word "reset" has become very common.

The dark forces stole this idea from the Light Forces who introduced it over a decade ago.

The planetary reset is a necessity and cannot be avoided.

The structure of humanity is such that it has made choices that make the reset inevitable.

Since 2019, it was mathematically certain that there was no way to avoid it.

Since August 2019, the Light Forces have begun to prepare key members for this reset.

The dark forces have used this information to organize their own plans.

The pandemic is Lightworkers' responsibility because key people have been compromised.

How society collapses: after getting used to expansion and comfort, people get used to it, become less creative.

Small collapses occur.

But trust starts to erode.

The smartest people sense this and begin to prepare themselves.

Less and less capable people come forward.

Society can manipulate certain individuals.

We are in a metastable state.

There was the pandemic, then Ukraine... Shock after shock, everything will eventually collapse.

The closer we get to collapse, the more instability there is.

There are cracks in the Matrix.

The dark forces do not know how people will react because we are in a metastable state. Everything is blurred.

The Light Forces are ready to use this opportunity when the time is right.

There must be no mistakes made because everything could fall apart.

But it may take a little longer.

The Light Forces will do something at the time of the collapse.

They cannot afford any mistakes.

There will be a time when a critical mass of people have had enough.

And that is when the Light Forces will step in.

There will be chaotic moments but it will be for the better.

It is not easy to deprogram people. It takes a psychological realignment to the new reality.

There will be psychological shocks.

Because people have lied to themselves, they have made mistakes.

The pandemic has allowed the Light Forces to model how people reacted in shock and the Light Forces understand better now.

There is no more time. Nature will not wait.

We are getting to the pole shift. It is not a matter of being ready.

Do what is best in each moment

Before the Event, Lightworkers must find the best therapists, and after the Event, they will receive much help.




On average, a Lightworker works at 10% of his or her capacity.

Very few are at 50%.

The Cabal reacts according to its traumas and does not use its common sense, although it is aware of the pole shift.

There are two versions of the reset: the WEF version and the Galactic Confederation version.

These two timelines are currently fighting.

But the Galactic version will inevitably win.

The 19th century definition of entropy is wrong.

A completely closed system is impossible.

In terms of physics, it is impossible.

The World Economic Forum wants to make the physics equivalent of a heat pump: a feudal society with very few rich and many poor.

In physics, this is unbalanced.

It takes a lot of energy to maintain their imbalance.

The diffusion of information in a quantum way is an obstacle to the World Economic Forum.

There will always be particles in our body quantumly intricate to the Ashtar Command.

At some point, the level of entanglement is so high.

Digitization is the way the World Economic Forum wants to go.

They want all of our financial transactions to be done in our smartphones.

At the right time, the Resistance Movement will hack all the systems.

The Resistance Movement has the best hackers.

[Someone says the sentence: "Light Brother Is Watching You" - - instead of the well-known "Big Brother Is Watching You"]

Even a quantum system can be hacked.

The system they are trying to create is so far from Nature that it creates an unstable system according to the second law of thermodynamics and it will collapse.

Behind the scenes, there is another system being created.

In August 1971, the gold standard was changed with a lot of fake money.

The Light Forces are going to use all the gold to create a new transitional financial system based on gold, the stolen funds of humanity, the block-chain and the quantum computers network.

We have to live in the present with what we have.

We need to do something now.

[Cobra humorously says he could be at home in bed. But he is not. He came to Paris. And so have those who are here].

Stars the size of the moon are made of diamond, whose origin is carbon.

Money brings options, freedom.





Free energy is possible only in an open system, thus after the Event.

The transitional financial system is necessary before and during the Event.

The original plan was developed 25,000 years ago and did not work.

The change that is coming is a group manifestation of Lightworkers who have been visualizing it for decades.

Laws of Creation exist.

On the planet, very few people decide how things are going to be done and do it.

The energy of creation manifests in a wormhole.

The human masses are lazy and do not want to change reality.

The Lightworkers are rectifying the timeline. They have great strength.

The intention must be held long enough.

Contracts signed with the Archons limit our possibilities.

Cobra had us repeat aloud three times the entire contract revocation below:



In the name of I Am That I Am,

in the name of the Divine Soul Presence that I Am,

in the name of All Ascended Beings of Light,

in the name of the Galactic Confederation,

in the name of the Galactic Centre,

I decree and I command to cancel and nullify all my past, present and future contracts and agreements made between any part of my being and the dark forces.

All these contracts and agreements and all their consequences are now completely erased from my reality.

I am now free,

all the karma of my whole being is now erased as well,

I am a free sovereign being of Light,

from now until eternity.

So be it, and so it is.

In Light,


[write name and sign]


Cobra suggests writing this contract revocation by hand three times in a row, when you feel guided to do so.

Physical reality is the result of quantum foam.

Our consciousness has an influence on the quantum field.

If we focus on something, it manifests.

When we have a huge problem, we have to fix the small part that we can fix. This will have an action on the quantum field which tends towards harmony.

Palmanova (in Italy) is a city totally built according to the sacred geometry.

The center of Paris is modelled on the temple of Luxor.





Sunday, December 4, 2022 - 2:30pm - 6:00pm




 Meditation of inhalation/exhalation of brilliant white light + intoning the sacred word "Om" 🕉 3 times.




Image projected on the screen of the room stating:


The galactic pulse is not just a physical change. It is a huge wave of energy emanating from the Galactic Center.

The wave will suddenly appear.

When the black holes are removed, a wave of Galactic Love will appear.

We will begin to feel this presence.

An important aspect is the return of the Goddess energy.

At the time of Atlantis, it was strongly felt.

Especially in the Neolithic period.

5,000 years ago, the first archon invasion came and destroyed the temples and priestesses.

Everything was almost forgotten.

We must remember because with memory comes knowledge.

In Malta (for example) there was a temple of the Goddess.

The energy of the Goddess will come back to memory.

Many years ago, with the assistance of Isis Astara, the Sorority of the Rose was recreated.

It is a very ancient society that keeps the flame of the Goddess alive.

Image projected on the screen of the room stating:

I'm going to make everything around me more beautiful.

That will be my life.

We have to bring back beauty in art, architecture, music.

Someone asks what to do about the false Lightworkers. Cobra replies: "Simply avoid them."

Someone asks why the Earth was invaded. Cobra replies that Earth is in a very interesting location. Kind of like "interesting real estate". That is why it was invaded.

Every human has attachments to the two basic chakras connected to a reptilian.

For every human being, there is one reptilian.

You have to keep your will. Do not let yourself be provoked.

Reptilians exacerbate low emotions.

It is necessary to get out of pointless conflicts.

Cobra no longer pays attention to stories of conflict.

Reptilians will try to create as much drama as possible.

People are plugged into the Matrix and want to stay there.

When the Event comes, people will refuse to wake up.

The Light Forces will turn off all technologies at the time of the Event. Especially the social networks: Facebook, Twitter...

WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal will work.

Getting out of the matrix means cutting all ties, including those in your mind.

People will have to be forced to unplug.

The Event will be forced by the Forces of Nature.

Cobra lists [with some humor]: Nature has had enough. The animals have had enough. The Ascended Beings have had enough. The Galactic Confederation has had enough. The Galactic Center has had enough, it is about to sneeze.

You have to keep your integrity. If you are in a job that is not right for you, you have to quit the job.

Someone asks why many animals on the planet are going around in circles. Cobra explains that the magnetic field is collapsing, no longer uniform. There are different poles now. The magnetic field is chaotic. The animals are confused because they cannot find the magnetic field anymore. This is why they are going around in circles.





Ascension is about quantum leap.

There have been key moments connecting Paris to the destiny of our planet.

The 18th century is one of the most important moments.

The Ascended Beings decided to bring as much light as possible because they knew that the dark forces would strike next.

From the beginning to the end of the 18th century, it was the Age of Lights.

That is why Paris was called the "City of Lights".

There is a strong connection between Paris and Isis.

In Paris, there are two temples: one is in the crypt of Notre-Dame and the other is located 2 km west of Paris.

The Mysteries of Isis were brought in during the Roman period.

In the 16th century, there was a statue of Isis in a church. Until a Jesuit saw it and destroyed it.

Since the 17th century, some of Louis XIV's architects brought back building projects.

At the Court, in the 17th century, some people were aware of the Mysteries of Isis.

There are places in Paris where there are temples:

  • photo projected on the large screen in the room showing a statue of Isis in the Parisian Rosicrucian facilities.
  • photo of a lounge of the Christian Louboutin store (in the Véro-Dodat gallery): in this store, there is a temple of the goddess Hathor. On the ceiling, there is a painting representing the zodiac of Denderah. This emanates the energy of the Goddess permanently. This was done in consciousness.

Paris was chosen by Saint Germain to activate the double vortex of the Goddess.

Saint Germain gathered key people at the Court of Louis XV in Paris and Versailles.

Why a double vortex: usually the original vortex arrives in one city.

Louis XIV moved the Court to Versailles because there was too much corruption in Paris. This is what created a double vortex.

Paris and Versailles create an infinite double vortex.

One group in Paris and one in Versailles brought together by Saint Germain.

Coded messages were sent by key women (projection on the big screen of the room of a painting representing various ladies of that epoch; each one having a raised hand with fingers in particular positions ➠ mudras...). The positions of their fingers each signified a coded message.

Madame de Pompadour activated some changes. In 1762, she banished the Jesuits from the Court. They had to leave.

But the Jesuits did what they could to suppress the energy of the Goddess.

Madame de Pompadour gave the rights to High Culture that we have all over the world.

This keeps society from collapsing and keeps the peace.

The next High Priestess was the Princess of Lamballe, initiated by Saint Germain.

She began to bring the Mysteries of the Goddess into the Masonic groups.

She was the first person who started the support groups.

The Princess of Lamballe opened a portal in Paris and Versailles in 1775, connected to the year 2025.

Under the instruction of Saint Germain, she worked on the time lines.

The headquarters was in Versailles.

The Temple of Love was built on the instructions of Saint Germain.

In Versailles, the "Room of Moving Mirrors" is a hyperdimensional portal.

It is the most important place in France.

This is a portal that will open in 2025.

In the basement of the Banque de France, 30 meters below the ground, just below a painting by François Boucher (1703-1770), there are 2,000 tons of gold.

Cobra suggests to go and see it on the website of the Bank of France. There is a picture of this painting:

in the private rooms of the Bank of France.

In this picture, certain codes are present.

"Peace brings abundance."

"Love brings abundance."

In 1774, Louis XVI became king.

In 1775, the American Revolution began.

In 1776, the Illuminati secret society was founded in Bavaria.

It was in 1775 that the destiny of our planet was set: the process of Ascension.

The Count of Cagliostro: the Jesuits did everything to stop him.

He traveled to Malta, etc. He was initiated by Saint Germain. He created the lodges of Isis.

The affair of the Necklace began to disintegrate and destroy the Bourbon dynasty because they supported the energy of the Goddess.

The fall of the Bourbon dynasty was organized:

1°) to destroy the Goddess

2°) to organize the French Revolution

The Petit Trianon is a place where the energy of the Goddess is located.

Even Louis XVI was not allowed to enter the room where Queen Marie-Antoinette was during her special activities. The king was not aware of what the queen was doing there.

In order to enter, a special token had to be given:



The Ascension timeline was secured in 1775 at the Petit Trianon in Versailles.

It was in Versailles that the greatest potential of all humanity existed.

A painting of the inauguration of the Temple of Love is projected on the big screen of the hall: in our time, we are no longer capable of such beauty and harmony.

The Jesuits have infiltrated the German and then the French Masonic lodges.

This is what is happening nowadays with the "Woke" process.

Since then, it is a downfall.

The Princess of Lamballe is reincarnated in the Resistance Movement.

Marie-Antoinette is reincarnated but is not aware of the process.

The Brotherhood of the Star: it is composed of particular beings, living within the Matrix, but in a free way.

They are connected to the Dreamland project.

In Paris, there are 10 members. They are afraid of the dark forces.

They are here to bring the New Renaissance.

We are at the beginning of this new astrological configuration.

It will be extremely strong in 2025.

After the fall of Atlantis, the Light will return.

Cobra advises participants to be careful with their energy field as they leave the conference as those who attended are not "Matrix compliant".




Vibrant applause from the whole room for Cobra.

Projection of the video: "Victory of the Light 432Hz" by TruthEarthOrg:

Cobra and the attendees happily sing the lyrics in chorus and dance, arms raised and then everyone ends with a huge:


 ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊
┊ ┊ ┊ ✯
┊ ┊ ★
┊ ✯

These notes were taken by Prepare For Change France Officiel since 2013.
They have been reviewed and approved by Cobra.
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